About Us

Our 15 years of expertise encompasses journey-level water treatment operations, water distribution operations, backflow prevention system management, and municipal water system management. Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, American River Backflow services Placer, Nevada, Sierra, Yuba, Sutter, Sacramento, Solano, Amador, and El Dorado counties.

Quality You Can Rely On

Customer Service

Our commitment to clear communication throughout every step of the process reflects our unwavering dedication to safeguarding water purity and customer satisfaction.

Industry Expertise

Backed by 15 years of diverse experience in water quality, our comprehensive knowledge allows us to expertly address complex challenges and deliver superior solutions for ensuring water safety.

Technical Precision

Our rigorous quality control measures and testing procedures ensure accurate detection and quantification of even trace-level contaminants, setting an elevated standard for reliability in safeguarding water resources.

Our Team

American River Backflow is owned and operated by the Hoffman family and based in beautiful Auburn, California. Jason is a journey level water treatment operator and water distribution operator with 15 years of experience in utilities, backflow preventers, and municipal systems in the region. Together with Michelle, they manage and operate American River Backflow. When they aren’t working to safeguard your water quality, you can find them fishing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors with their two children.

Photo of Jason Hoffman

Jason Hoffman

Owner, Operations Manager

Photo of Michelle Hoffman

Michelle Hoffman

Owner, Business Manager

Industry Certifications

Our extensive knowledge of small water system operations, water quality sampling and reporting is backed by industry certifications, including:

  • California Water Treatment Plant Operator, Grade 4
  • California Water Distribution Operator, Grade 3
  • AWWA Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester
  • Cross-Connection Control Specialist