Commercial Properties

Backflow Preventers protect our drinking water systems from any possible contamination from the customer side of the service. Required annual testing ensures that we keep our drinking water safe for the public. We offer complete backflow services, including annual testing, installation, repair, compliance assistance, and consultation.


Backflow water testing is required in California to ensure the safety and purity of public water supplies. Commercial properties with potential cross-connections to the water system must undergo routine testing to prevent the unwanted reversal of water flow, which could lead to contaminants entering the community water system. Our certified professionals conduct all required tests to maintain compliance with state health and safety standards.


Strict adherence with state regulations and plumbing codes is important when installing backflow water systems for commercial properties. Our licensed professionals are experienced in backflow prevention to ensure your system is properly designed and installed, meets regulation requirements, and prevents the contamination of the public water supply.


Our certified professionals identify and resolve any malfunctions or damage to your commercial backflow system to maintain water safety and compliance. We offer expert assessment, repairs, and rigorous testing to make sure your system reliably prevents reversal of water flow to safeguard the public water supply.


Commercial backflow water systems in California are regulated to prevent contamination of the public water supply. Businesses must comply with guidelines that require periodic testing, installation of approved backflow prevention devices, and proper documentation of testing and maintenance. Non-compliance can result in penalties. American River Backflow ensures your backflow system meets compliance requirements.


Backed by 15 years of industry experience, American River Backflow provides guidance on designing, implementing, and maintaining efficient and compliant backflow systems. Our experts evaluate existing infrastructure, assess your water needs, and recommend solutions that optimize water quality. We collaborate with you to navigate regulatory requirements and ensure the long-term reliability of systems tailored to your specific demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a backflow system necessary for my commercial property?

Backflow water systems ensure water flows in only one direction to prevent contamination of the public water supply. It’s a regulatory requirement that safeguards both your business and the community’s health.

Does my facility need a backflow system?

Most businesses in California are required to have a backflow water system. Any commercial property with potential cross-connections between your water system and the public water supply needs a backflow system. This includes properties with irrigation systems, fire sprinklers, chemical lines, or other sources that could introduce contaminants into the water supply.

How often do I need to have commercial property's backflow system tested?

In California, annual testing is required to maintain compliance and ensure the system’s proper function in preventing water contamination. Testing frequency may vary based on local regulations and the specific system.

What happens if my backflow system fails the required testing?

Test failure means your system is not effectively preventing contaminated water from flowing back into your water main. Repairs or adjustments will be needed to bring the system into compliance and prevent compromising the safety of your water.

Are there any liability concerns associated with backflow water systems?

Failing to maintain a properly functioning backflow system can expose your business to potential legal and financial liabilities should water contamination incidents occur. Adhering to regulations, regular testing, and system maintenance mitigate these risks and demonstrate concern for public well-being.